Gearing up our Education Apostolate through Moral and Spiritual Values and making it Life Enhancing especially for the Poor and Marginalized.


Our aim is to create an ambience of learning with an emphasis on proactive individual capable of providing constructive leadership to a new world order.


  • * To appriciate the children as god-given gifts and guide them to the heights of intellectual, social, moral and cultural capabilities.
  • * To equip them to place their stamp in the world of opportunities as future citizens of the global community,
  • * To guide students to understand the deeper meaning of life and unravel the inner secrets of mother nature.
  • * To expose them to the global concepts of learning in tune with the rapid changes in the world scenario.


  • * To facilitate the growth of every child to his or her full potential.
  • * To discover and develop the innate talents to their perfection.
  • * To empower individuals with knowledge, skills and value systems.
  • * To enable them to be men and women of academic excellence
  • * To develop the spirit of research and creativity.
  • * To motivate them to understand and appreciate our cultural ethos.